“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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My name is Tziona Elias, 51 years old, from Hatikva neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

I grew up in a big family with many brothers and sisters who look after me even today.

Mother passed away when I was 20. Father is 90 years old and lives at home. I visit him every Friday.


I work at the Ben Gurion Airport konditorei and work very hard on the cakes that get served on the airplanes. Sometimes I get to have a taste of what we make.


I have a boyfriend named Michael. I am happy with him and want to spend my life with him like husband and wife.  I take public transport on my own. I take line 249 to the airport and back. Michael always waits for me at the station. I love music, dance, shopping at the Super Pharm and watching shows about make up. I often search these subjects on the web.

I want to succeed and advance in life and to have many good friends.


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I came to Israel from Morocco and grew up in Be’er Sheva, when the city was still small and old. Mother always

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