“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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My name is Mezi Weizman. I am 34 years old, mother of two with one more on the way. I am a certified guide in Amit Hostel. I arrived here about 5.5 years ago (time flies when you’re having fun). My wish to come and work with people with developmental disability is actually a personal story from home. My brother is Shay Amsalem, who has Down Syndrome.
Shay came to Amit boarding house when he was 15. After many objections, my mother gave in and decided to put him in an organized frame because she couldn’t meet his needs and help him move forward in life Part of this challenging and life-rocking decision came from my parents’ divorce, which caused, among many difficulties, a financial one.
Today Shay is 32, lives in the extension villa in Lod, works in the open market in a laundromat and has been studying on a special project for people with developmental disability in Bar Ilan university for the past 3 years. Shay Loves the residents and staff very much, and says he enjoys all the enrichment workshops, trips and of course the warm, personal treatment he receives My brother’s story made me feel a strong will to devote myself to the world of people with developmental disabilities.
On a spontaneous meeting with hostel manager Solly I shared my story and burning will to join her staff. The next day I felt great joy and excitement to receive an e-mail saying I got the job. Several days later I started working as a guide, and later I got sent to an advance course for certified caregiving. In time I got promoted to shift manager.
It is very important to Solly and Raz for the staff to receive as many tools and training opportunities as possible in order to be deeply familiarized with the world of people with developmental disabilities. Without a doubt, they do a most excellent job of it.
I wish to praise Solly and Raz for giving the diverse tools to promote and train the staff, importantly, for putting the residents at the top of their priority.
With great love,
Mezi Weizman
Certified guide, Amit hostel

In 2020 Mezi went on maternity leave, at the end of which she decided to stay at home with her child and leave the hostel. We are filled with gratitude for Mezi and the role she played in our story. We wish her success and good luck in the present and the future.

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