“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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What can I tell you about myself?
Myself – is a story about the people I met over the course of my life.
Myself – is a story about Solly and Raz.
Myself – is a story about every staff member.
Myself – is a story about every single resident.

I arrived to Amit 25 years old, married with a 3 years old child, new to Israel, with hardly any Hebrew and no experience in special education.
I came to the interview and met Raz and Solly. I recall hardly being able to express myself.
On my first shift a resident had a furious tantrum and I found myself hiding under the car that drove us to the school.
The next day I told myself, “I am never leaving these people.” It became clear to me that I was entering the lives of the residents with no intention to ever leave. To this day it never stops moving me, whenever a resident succeeds or progresses, and it’s an infinite energy source.
When I started work, the hostel had 13 residents and a small staff. I worked with the housemother Galit, and for the first time I saw a person who assigns her own work. A mother to the residents and a sister to the staff – she would give her heart to everyone around! She was an example to me for the ability to take charge of a house full of goals and challenges.
At the time there was a guide in the hostel named Ina. She is my best friend, a person with an enormous heart. Ina taught me infinite love and endless acceptance; it’s been my carrying force in working with the residents.
When I started in the boarding house I was sent to courses in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services for caregivers in special education (to this day almost every staff member can go and receive certification in special education caregiving). I studied with Uri – a special man! I learned from him that if you do something, you must do it right and whole-heartedly! To make the most out of every moment. To this day Uri sets an example for me for true giving.
After a while, I got the job of housemother, and a new time began! With many worries, little experience and a promise from Raz, that he would build my job as housemother to be right for me (and still in the boarding house there is openness and willingness to construct the jobs according to the people who come in to fill them. This doesn’t happen everywhere).
Then I had the privilege to get to know Solly and Raz closely. Solly with her infinite ability to manage and control everything! She always knows what and how to do things right. And this feeling she transmits, has the employees turning to her with their toughest most personal issues, and always know they will receive help!
Raz! Legendary man! A leader and a visionary, he is the infinite motivation force for all the staff. His ability to clarify the meaning of our work always feeds and guides us. Raz enables us to see the progress in every tiny step towards our big goals. He sets the atmosphere of purpose to our work!
Raz and Solly have accompanied me in life for 24 years.
They always set an example for me. The ability to take charge, the courage to have big dreams and manifest them, spiritual growth, humanity, open heartedness, giving… these are but a few of their qualities and ideology.
In time I received more opportunities to study. Raz and Solly sent me to study human resource management. This gave me a new awareness for the job and managing a team from a deep understanding that the staff is the force that promotes the residents, and since then I have been seeing it a crucial goal to take care of the staff and cause everyone to feel important and meaningful in the boarding house, to motivate by emphasizing and clarifying each one’s abilities and personal qualities. This fact also showed me how special the people are in this environment!!! Our boarding house employs extraordinary people, each and every one, people with an abnormal work ethic and directness like Svetlana, people with persistence and perseverance like the manager Sarit, people who have the boarding house in their heart even at home like the nurse Larisa, and people like Larisa from the petting zoo who is always in the right place when you need support and heart-to-heart talk.
People like the cooks who spoil not only the residents but also the staff, and their food comes from the heart!
My personal story – a story about each of these people. Perhaps you too can become a part of this world, full of meaningful lives of giving.
It is a great fortune and honor to be a part of Amit family!

I can’t write about everyone, because each person in the boarding house is worth a whole story!
And of course, none of this would have happened if I didn’t have the support of my husband, who keeps the house warm every day. My three sons who grew, one of whom is married. I feel at peace with my way and ready to continue forward.

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