“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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Etti was born in 1959. Her parents’ firstborn.
A beautiful girl with almond-shaped eyes and smooth, luscious hair.
Until she reached the age of one her parents were unaware of her Down Syndrome.
Only when they noticed her legs were abnormally weak for a one-year-old, the doctor told them of her syndrome.
Etti grew up in her parents’ house among her loving family. Etti has two younger sisters and one younger brother, and 8 nephews and nieces.
She went to a normative public kindergarten and then to an AKIM program in Petah Tikvah. בבגרותה עברה למסגרת של מע”ש פ”ת.
Etti was a highly independent child. She learned to read and write at a level where she could read subtitles on TV and headlines in the newspaper. She participated in all the house chores. She participated in social activities for youth with special needs, traveling independently on public transport.
At age 42, Etti’s parents separated, creating a need to find a new frame for her.
This way she ended up in Amit hostel in Ramla.
First, she joined an apartment with several relatively independent residents. She practically bloomed!
She felt like an equal among equals. Here she wasn’t abnormal. She even found love, Shimon. Later she also experienced heartbreak with him. Yes, just like everybody else!
As she grew up and her health situation changed she was moved to the central hostel, and today she lives in the new “vila” with 5 other girls.
Along the way in the hostel, we received professional quality care from Solly, Raz, Uri, Aliah, Iman, Tiferet and more.
All of the personal, with no exception, are quality, caring, humane, devoted, caring and professional people.
We as a family feel that we couldn’t have asked for better care for Etti. We were gifted!
And especially our beloved Etti.

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