“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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After working for 17 years as a salesperson at a shop, I decided to quit. At the time I had a newborn grandchild, so I took a year to be home with him.

After that year I started looking for jobs again. My sister-in-law followed a friend’s suggestion to work in Amit hostel. She applied and got the job, and then asked me if I might also be interested.

I was actually looking to work in caregiving, perhaps at an elderly home or a place for people with disabilities. I came to the interview and got the job, on July 2017. It turned out to be the place I was looking for. The managers are charming and the staff is marvelous, so it feels like a second home, a second family to me.

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I came to Israel from Morocco and grew up in Be’er Sheva, when the city was still small and old. Mother always

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