“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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At age 21 I arrived at Amit and moved into the new apartment because I was highly independent.
I learned to cook and take care of our own lives, I received duties to be in charge of the garden.
Today I work in Ramla Occupation Rehabilitation Center packaging goods. I’ve had several jobs over the years:
I worked in Pitzuchei Cohen preparing nuts and packaging them, in Strauss as a driver’s assistant and also in maintenance at a farm with horses.
I received a lot of experience over my life. I have many new friends.
My dream is to marry my beloved wife, the charming Avital.

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I came to Israel from Morocco and grew up in Be’er Sheva, when the city was still small and old. Mother always

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