“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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At age 25 I arrived at an independent apartment… I am Eli Mana’s partner, we’ve been a loving couple for over 20 years. We are the #1 couple, and I stay true to him.
I am responsible for supplying bread and milk.
I learned things over the years which have helped me progress in life and I also love cooking (especially light cooking)

I started studying in The Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem 30 years ago, and today I study in Bar-Ilan’s Otzmot project. I love studying. I gather knowledge in psychology and self-representation. It’s fun to study with many other students.

I am trained to work with elderly, packaging products in factories and for Home Front Command, but today I work in Ben Gurion Airport packaging trays for the airplanes.
I am also responsible for the residents who are with me in the shift. I love all the staff on this precious job.
It is good for me to work there… And I want to thank Yedidiah and Yehuda for finding it for me.
I am an excellent swimmer and manage to beat Uri every time. And of course, I got to represent Israel on the the Akim swimming team in Los Angeles and in Germany. I’ve even swam all the way across the Sea of Galilee, from one end to the other.

Today I practice Pétanque in our yard daily.

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I came to Israel from Morocco and grew up in Be’er Sheva, when the city was still small and old. Mother always

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