“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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My younger and only sister was born 55 years ago.
Our mother, Ila, may she rest in peace, immediately sensed that Avivit wasn’t a normal girl.
Avivit started talking at age 9. Our mother raised her to be an independent child. In Carmiel, where we grew up, everybody knew Avivit. She would shop at the grocery store, go to the post office, help our neighbor with her baskets, etc.
In January 1990, our mother passed away, and about a year later, my father and I started searching for a hostel – an alternative home for Avivit. We saw places in Tiberias, Haifa, and eventually Ramla.
In Ramla we visited Amit hostel, run by Raz and Solly. The housemother was the legendary Flora. The place was full of charming, warm, heartfelt people, who cast their heart and souls into their work. We are with them to this day.
Over the years the staff grew, more and more residents entered, and Solly and Raz’s giving kept on growing as well:
enrichment workshops, classes, computer studies, music, trips, dances, BBQ’s, vacations in hotels, swimming in the summer etc. etc. etc. paradise on earth. All professionally accompanied by a social worker, a psychologist, a nurse etc.
Like many residents in the hostel, my sister Avivit has demanding physical needs. Here too, the treatment from the hostel staff, among them Tiferet and Ina, is devoted, compassionate and professional above and beyond imagination.
The dedicated treatment enabled me to start a family over the years. Our four children take turns fetching her every Saturday for family brunch, here in Rehovot.
(in the beginning, Avivit used to come here for the whole weekend. For years now, she prefers the hostel! Her boyfriend, her friends and the guides who she loves).
All that’s left for me is to feel blessed for all of that, and express my enormous gratitude!!!
For a warm house for Avivit and for a fruitful cooperation with the staff, on everything regarding Avivit.
With great appreciation,
Urit and Yoram Levitov,

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