“Amit means friend, a lifelong friend”

“Where joy exists,
dividers fall.”
Isac Levi

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New photos in the gallery-from the weekly events in Amit!

In these days, peer-based frameworks operate in the emergency directions, hoping to return to routine quickly.

Nordau Apartments "Hostal Amit"

A 4-storey building with a historic, local and stylish character designed for 37 tenants in a medium and high level of functioning without mobility problems.

The house on Issakov "Amit Daycare"

Panmia with several housing units, activity rooms, clinic, central kitchen and more. The building is surrounded by a wide courtyard. The place is designed for 59 tenants in a high-level, building and challenging manner.

Apartments in Moshe Rabbenu

Two residential units share a large, well-groomed courtyard, designed for 10 high-level tenants.

House in Graz

A monolithic and adapted ground house is surrounded by a large courtyard with a nature of an Israeli bustan designed for 6 divers with complex medical needs.

Lemon Street House

A large and spacious villa, designed for 15 tenants in a high-level, building of a building that is in the process of training for integration into the community.

Welcome to Amit Housing

The absorption process

Each peer frame has a unique process that is tailored to its character.
Once we reach one of the peer’s frameworks and choose to accompany you throughout the process and help you make the process as easy and as possible.
We’re here.
We are here to make a painful process of Frieda for a fascinating process of sales and a new beginning.
We’re here because you chose us.
We are here because a colleague is a friend, a lifelong friend.

The man in the center

"Amit" frameworks were established to serve as a supportive and promoting home for their occupants. The tenant is the central axis around which the frames are built and its work.


The progress in "peer" frames aims to be as close as possible to the progress of life in Israeli society.

House out of the house.

The Israeli community "Beit" is a concept with emotional qualities that varies in the sequence of time or in accordance with the circumstances of life. The aspiration is to create a framework for the tenant and to recognize it as his home.

Finance and supervision by the Ministry of Welfare

"Amit" frameworks are private frameworks established according to the needs of the system as defined by the Ministry of Welfare and the conduct of its demands, hot tub and policies in its terminology and supervision as stipulated by the law.

Want to join a colleague?

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